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Natural indigo is a beautiful mix of patience and surprise.

Using the Japanese technique of shibori. The fabric is carefully prepared and folded into bundles, secured with clamps, string, or bands, and then submerged in the dye vat over and over.

The dye itself is a pale yellow/green colour, as the dyed fabric hits the air it begins to oxidize and turn blue right before your eyes. This process is repeated over and over, multiple exposures attaining deeper and darker blues.

Unwrapping the fabric and watching the pattern emerge is what makes the process so special. Each piece is totally unique.

Dyed fabric is then washed twice with a special soap to remove excess dye particles and make the finished product colour safe.

Only natural fibers can accept the dye – cotton, hemp, silk, and linen. This lead me to a big exploration of natural fibers and how they are produced, compared to synthetic fabrics and the overall destruction the textile industry is currently wrecking in many areas of the world. We choose to buy from sustainable sources, and organic whenever possible, every material we use is natural and made to last.

Quality matters. Higher thread count fabric produces the deepest, most vibrant colors, which is why our bed linens and throw pillows are made with 300+ thread-count, 100% cotton fabric.