What’s in a name?

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Should we go to the beach or the mountains?

I grew up near the ocean, but I’ve chosen to live in the mountains….for now anyway. Some people have an easy time picking a favorite between the beach and the mountains, but for me, it’s always a toss-up depending on the season. Both are blessed with beautiful blue landscapes.

You can see anything in indigo-dyed textiles. Patterns of icicles, snowflakes, watery lines, forests of trees, and wispy clouds are just as common as repeated symmetrical shapes.

Salt & Snow textiles are equally at home at a beachfront cottage as they are tucked away in a snowed-in mountain cabin.



= O C E A N

I grew up in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, a gateway on the island to beaches, gulf islands, ferry trips, and salt water adventures.


= M O U N T A I N S

I choose to make Whistler my home. Combining the best in small-town vibes with world-class entertainment and amenities. The snow, the mountains, the clean river water, lakes and snowy adventures.