Salt & Snow – a small line of handcrafted items to love and live with.

Natural materials, handmade production. 


There is nothing revolutionary or particularly modern about what we do, you won’t find synthetic materials or high-tech fabrics in anything we produce. In this age of crazy busy lives where everyone is online all the time, Salt & Snow is decidedly slow. I’ve taken the time to learn how to dye with Indigo – Nature’s only natural blue dye. Each piece is hand-dyed in small batches so colour and pattern variations make each piece unique.


Each product is handmade by founder Kim Maitland, so it will always take longer, and it will be more expensive than shopping at a big box store. But these are products that you can feel good about, they are made with intention and made to last. In stark contrast to our disposable culture, we choose materials with integrity to match our own.
Made by hand matters – it’s time for materials with soul.

Materials matters

You’ll see that we experiment with a lot of materials; fabrics, waxes, woods, ceramic, oils for your skin, paper and canvas. Honest materials from honest sources.

How fabric feels is most important to us. Natural fibers let your skin breath and help regulate your temperature, plus there’s nothing like slipping into soft, silky, high-thread-count sheets at the end of a long day. From gauzy organic scarves that never pill and dry quickly in the sun, tote bags that hold up to hauling heavy grocery store runs, to sheets that only get softer and silkier with every wash. We choose organic whenever possible. By making a conscious choice that’s better for the environment, better for textile producing communities, you are investing in our collective future. This is why we only use natural dye and never synthetic.

Our fabrics are hand-chosen to feel great against your skin and stand up to real life wear and tear, they’re made to last, to withstand frequent washings, and to stay looking fresh. We test things, and wash them, and wash them, and wash them…to see how they hold up.

Our soy wax candles are hand poured in small batches and scented with natural essential oils. Clean-burning, subtle-smelling, air cleaning, promising no headaches from synthetic scents, ever.

Your daily touch points should be luxurious

Your morning cup of coffee in a handmade mug, a cutting board made from locally fallen wood, softly-scented candles that grace your evening table, organic oils to cleanse your skin, and soft organic sheets that beckon you to climb into bed with a (real) book. There’s nothing more intimate that the products you bring into your personal space. Make a choice to bring in items that reflect your personality, bring you joy, are made to last, and make you proud of what you spend your hard-earned money on.

There is nothing more sacred than home, make it a space that you’re truly in love with.

The big picture

In addition to new items, you’ll see us start to incorporate reclaimed wood and textiles. As our society burns through all natural resources, the less new items we buy, the less we feed the beast that is consuming our planet. Watch for refinished wood bowls, cutting boards, and vintage fabrics used in special editions. Unfortunately, there is so much water used in textile production, we are experimenting with ways to use less water, and investigating fabrics that naturally require less water to produce. Starting this spring, we’re giving back – 1% of profits will be donated to Canadian ocean charities.


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